Here I will tell you stories about the dragons and queens of my art work. What philosophical ideas, or plain mundane phenomena are the seeds or roots, and why they are realised the way they are.

Imagination is far more amazing than the existing technology enables to manifest. The limitations of realisation are the companions with whom we have to make compromises. The stories will tell you how this interaction with the tools has been enhancing creativity and other times forcing to leave some ideas to the future.

In the stories I will uncover secrets how some things were done. How the new technologies were used and abused to make artistic decisions.The making off is sometimes incredibly innovative, sometimes quite challenging.

And then there is the aspect of time. The world, the artist and the tools and means have evolved within the decades.

Especially when dealing with new-tech art there is a special feature: the art work and the process of making it is a testimonial of the technical evolution. That gives an incredible journey in time. There are machines that one could not believe existed. Things that nowadays sounds that “well, you’re really telling stories”.

How does an art work express the times? How the content and visual solutions reflect the era? Even though every art form has these questions, it is more present in new-tech art because technology is part of the art work, not only a tool or the means. The stories will tell how new technologies were used and abused to make artistic decisions.

The long carrier provides a perspective to reflect the message and the means of artistic work. How does an art work from the 90’s reflect its era and what does it reveal to us not only of it’s era but also of the change that has occurred in-between. How do we see it with the eyes of the present time. Some parts are surprising and even puts chills in the back.