The Artist

Dance, Physical Theatre, Performance, Music & Visuals, Installation, Media Art and Film

Rea Pihlasviita is a multi- and interdisciplinary artist. She started working in the 1980’s as a dancer and dance teacher and has gradually broadened her work to multidisciplinary art making with media art, film and new technologies.

Recently she has been molding her multidisciplinary artistic practices into methods to enhance creative thinking.

The mission is to integrate artistic thinking into the realm of every day life and cultural society.

Pioneer work in the frame of art making

Rea Pihlasviita is one of the pioneers of dance video and multi & cross media performances in Finland.

In the early 1990’s she was amongst the few artists that started working with new technologies.

She was working as an in-house artist and a partner in a company that was the first to offer high quality broadcast level video editing facilities in Finland. These facilities provided new possibilities to realise multilayered imagery, which has been one of the recognisable features of her work.

Body Mind Engine

Body is the motor and driving force. It is the key element in her artistic work. The body provides the essential material for the consciousness. Body can be used to guide the mind and enhance experiences, both physical and mental.

Lately she has been working on developing methods that let anyone experience similar creative states of mind that artists have at their best moments. The methods help to use one’s body-mind interaction creatively to get the best out of every day life.

Next step will be a complex art work where all the art genres unite in a systemic art world.

The Works

Video and Film Projects:

VINCENT´S WAVE  (2008, 8 min. short film)

– script, directing
– produced by CECC, Spain

TABULA RASA  O NO (2006, 10 min. dance video)

– script, dancing, editing, directing
– ordered by Mostra de Video Dansa de Barcelona 
– broadcast: TV3, Spain

M3 – MUSEION, MEDIUM, MEMORIA (1999, 30min. art documentary)

– scripting, directing, producing
– co-production: Kiasma, Museum for Contemporary Art in Finland, MTV 3
– broadcast: MTV 3, Finland 

MAAILMAN KOSTO (1997, 30 min. short film)

– scripting, performing, directing, editing

– co-production: YLE/FST

– broadcast: YLE/FST

ORGASTIC ORANGE (1995, 25 min. telecommunication short film)

– scripting, performing, directing, editing and producing

– co-production: Gernot Steinweg/KANAL 4 TV, Germany and YLE TV2 and 

   YLE international co-productions 

– broadcast: KANAL 4, Germany  and YLE/TV 2

– Special Prize of the Organizers, Oberhausen Kurzfilmtage, Germany 1995

– Prix du Cinema de Demain, 5e Mondial de la Video, Brussels, Belgium, 1995                  – Nomination for the Best Performance Special Award, Banff TV Festival, Canada, 1996

TULENARKAA, 6 VIDEO CLIPS (1994, 6×3 min. video tapes for FST)

– scripting, performing, directing, editing and producing

– broadcast: YLE/FST, 1994

PINK NOISE (1992, 29 min. videotape, part of the European Video Dance Echange Project)

– scripting, performing, directing, editing

– broadcast: Germany, Checoslovakia, Croatia 1993

– Grand Prix at the 5th AV Biennial, Lahti, Finland, 1992

MEIN KAMPF IN MEDIA (1992, 19 min. videotape. Performance reconstruction utilizing video and TV-media)

– scripting, performing, directing, editing, producing

– broadcast: KANAL 4,Germany 1992, YLE TV 1, 1993

– Grand Prix at the 5th AV Biennial, Lahti, Finland, 1992

DINNER WITH ALEXANDRE (1991, 3 min. videotape)

– scripting, performing, directing

– broadcast: KANAL 4,Germany 1992

PATHOLOGICAL INVENTIONS (1991, 10 min. videotape)

– scripting, choreographing, performing, directing

– broadcast: KANAL 4,Germany 1991

VIDEO XII-I (1990, 20 min. dance video, photographed in France)

– scripting, choreographing, performing, directing, editing

Video and Film Projects with other directors:

DER RECORDBEOBACHTER (2012, ARD Degeto Film directed by Karola Hattop)

production assistant in Finland shoot

ETERNAL ERECTION AT VIRGIN OIL (2009, stereoscopic 3D music film, directed by Arne Eklund)

producing, assistant director, editor

GARDEN OF ROUSSEAU (2007, art documentary, directed by Roope Ahola)


– broadcast premier 13.4.2008 / YLE TV 1

SUOMEN SIELUN SOINTEJA (2006, musical series, directed by Arne Eklund)

– scripting, producing

– broadcast premier 14.-16.4.2006 / YLE TV 1

JAZZ AT 5 CORNERS (2002, musical talkshow, directed by Arne Eklund)

– scripting, producing

– broadcasted in summer 2002 / YLE TV 1

JAZZ GOES… (2001, a series of 90 jazzmusic videos, directed by Arne Eklund)

– assistant director, producer

– broadcasted 4.6.-1.9.2001 / YLE TV 1 

I MORGON, IGEN (2000, musicdocumentary 40 min., directed by Arne Eklund)

– scripting, producing

– broadcast premier: 31.12.2000 / YLE FST 

LOS AMANTES DEL CIRCULO POLAR (1998, feature film, directed by Julio Medem)

– 2nd production executive of the Finnish shoot

Media Art Performances & Installations

RINNERADIO DES I BEL (1997, non stop video installation for concert)

– concept, editing, directing

– premier at Helsingin Juhlaviikot, Huvilateltta

AGENTS OF SIRIUS (1996, 45 min. telematic live concert)

– concept, performing, directing

– premier at Telegalleria, Helsinki

CYBER CUBE (1996, 30 min., live media performance in a cube)

– concept, performing, directing, realisation

– live interactive videophone connection to the Medienkunsttage in Mainz

– premier at Kuopio Art Museum

EX AFRICA (1996, videoconcert, directed by Walter Verdin)

– performing

– premier at Kunsten Festival des Arts, Brussels, Belgium

RED 3.0 (1995, 50 min. stage media performance)

– concept, performing, directing, realisation

– premier at Helsinki Festival, Helsinki City Theatre 

TALKING PAINTING (1994, telematic interactive installation)

– concept, performing

– premier at 1st triennial of Finnish Contemporary Art, Arthall Helsinki, 1994

– ISEA 94, International Symposium on Electronic Arts, 1994

– ISDN Global- event /Sonera 1995

PINK NOISE #2 (1993, 50 min. stage media performance)

– performing, choreographing, editing, directing, realisation

– premier at Suomenlinna Dance Festival 

RED (1993, 55 min. stage media performance)

– performing, choreographing, concept, directing, realisation

– premier at Theatre des Amandiers, Paris 1993

– performances: Kuopio Dance and Music Festival 1993, The Opening of the Theatre Academy  light and sound department Tampere 1993, Euro Szene Leipzig Festival, Germany 1993 

MEIN KAMPF (1991, 45 min. audiovisual dance performance)

– performing, concept, directing

– performances in Porvoo and Helsinki and at the Institute Finlandais, Paris 1993 

4 bis PATHOLOGICAL INVENTIONS (1991, 55 min. dance and media performance)

– performing, concept, directing

– performances: Premier in Helsinki, Dancin´Visuals Festival Copenhagen 1991, ´Finnice`-mois de la photographie in Nice 1991, International Video Festival in Århus 1991, Porvoo 1991, Theatre des Amandiers ´Place à la danse contemporaine à Paris`1992, ´150 years of photography in Finland`at Kerava Art Museum 1992 

4 bis (1990, 40 min. audiovisual dance performance)

– performing, concept, directing

– performed at AV-biennial in Lahti 1990 

UNA PALLA DI FERRO (1990, 20 min. media and dance performance)

– performing, concept, directing

– performed at Lahti Art Museum 1990 

CIRCU (1990, 50 min. multimedia dance performance)

– performing, concept, directing

– performed in Lahti, Kuopio, Helsinki 1990

ROPE (1989, 9 min. videotape and performance)

– performing

– Billnäs international art exhibition 1989



   for ´Pink Noise`and ´Mein Kampf in Media`, Finland


   for ´Orgastic Orange`, Germany


   for ´Orgastic Orange`, Brussels, Belgium


   Regional Council of the Helsinki Area, Finland


  nomination for Best Performance Special Award for ´Orgastic Orange`


   Arts Council of Finland



– Centre d´Estudis Cinematogràphics de Catalunya  

  (directing, film history, script writing 2005-2008)

– UIAH complementary education: digital cinema and script writing 2009

Dance and theatre

– Mime Centre Helsinki by Adam Darius (theatre, improvisation, mime, dance, 1996)

– Masaki Iwana, white Butoh (several courses in Helsinki & Paris 1990-91)

– Theatre academy dance department Helsinki (danceteacher education 1987-90)

– Forum Du Mouvement, lÉcole Superieure du Spectacle, Paris (dance, theatre, singing in 1987)

– Centre de Dance de Paris (several courses on ballet in 1985-87)

– RAD (Royal Academy of Dancing) Education Syllabus 1 & 2 (1985)

– Porvoon Musiikkiopisto (singing 1979-82)

– private schools in Finland (classical ballet, jazz, modern dance, physical expression)


– Ekspressiivisen taideterapian menetelmäkoulutus, Ihmissuhdetyö ry (2014)

– Classes of Harmonic singing & Voice yoga  in Barcelona (2003-05)

– Hermoratahierojakoulutus (Chinese trad. massage for the nervous system,2003-04)

– Snellman-korkeakoulu (antroposophy, arts, 1982-83)