Multidisciplinary Art &

Rea Pihlasviita is a multi- and interdisciplinary artist.

She has been working on the field of arts for more than 35 years in several roles as a dance-, performance- and media artist, teacher of dance and physical expression, film script writer, video editor, director and producer.

Her artistic work consists of short films, video works, installations and multimedia stage performances. Besides her own work she has produced movies, jazz & improvised music videos and TV-programs, and works of other artists.

She has studied dance, mime, singing, and performing in Helsinki Finland and in Paris France. She went to film school in Barcelona Spain.

On this page you can get to know some of her works – videos, short films, installations and media live performances.

More on Rea you can read from The Artist page.

The Press section will present some of the critics presented by the press.

The Stories page will give you stories related to the making off and creation of her artistic work.

Short films and videos

Maailman Kosto
Orgastic Orange
Mein Kampf in Media
Tabula Rasa o No
Nu Jazz Clips

Live performances

Rea Pihlasviita has been performing and creating stage performances since teenage years. Her first multimedia live performance was in 1990.

The performances have been presented on many smaller festivals and also the main festivals in Finland (Helsingin Juhlaviikot, Kuopio Tanssii ja Soi, Suomen Taiteen Ensimmäinen Triennaali, ISEA) and visited festivals in Denmark, Germany and France.

The multimedia performances and installations include e.g.

Circu, 4 bis-Pathological Inventions, Mein Kampf, Pink Noise #2, Red, RED 3.0, Cyber Cube, Talking Painting

Some of the performances have given an idea for a video and vice versa some of the dance videos have given a root to create a separate multimedia live performance basing on the video work.

After the photo gallery you´ll find info on some performances.

Gradually I will write stories on e.g. how we met with Ultra Violet at our performance in Nice, how I managed to get a black eye with one of the screen hooks a night before premier or how some enthusiasts in Paris came to meet me after the performance while I was in the shower. These will appear at the Stories.

Visit also the Press for reviews.

Photo gallery


Performances in empty department store in Lahti, Muu ry festival at Csar’s Stables in Helsinki, Kuopio International video festival, Kuopio 1990

4bis-Pathological Inventions

Premier at Vanha Yo-talo in Helsinki. Performances in Dancin´Visuals Festival Copenhagen 1991, ´Finnice`-mois de la photographie in Nice, Place Masséna Nice 1991, International Video Festival in Århus 1991, Magnusborg Studios in Porvoo 1991, Theatre des Amandiers ´Place à la danse contemporaine à Paris`1992, ´150 years of photography in Finland at Kerava Art Museum 1992 

Mein Kampf

Performances at Magnusborg Studios in Porvoo, Vanha Yo-talo in Helsinki and at the Institute Finlandais, Paris 1993 


Premier at Theatre des Amandiers, Paris 1993. Performances at Kuopio Dance and Music Festival 1993, The Opening of the Theatre Academy  light and sound department Tampere 1993, Euro Szene Leipzig Festival, Germany 1993 

Red 3.0

Premier at Helsinki Festival 1995

Talking Painting

Premier at the I triennial of Finnish Contemporary Art, Arthall Helsinki, 1994, ISEA 94 Helsinki, ISDN Global- event/ Sonera 1995

Cyber Cube

Premier at Kuopio Art Museum, live interactive videophone connection to the Medienkunsttage in Mainz 1996

For more look at The Works section on The Artist page and reviews at the Press.